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Who is Debra?

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Who am I?

Who’s Debra, a question my schrink could aks me but in the context of this blog that answer is completely irrelevant. So who is Debra in normal life? I’m a 44 year young wife to David and a part time attorney. But most of all Debra is a tourist, I just love to travel to the best places around. As we traveled for many many years I decided to share my experiences on the best destinations worldwide with you through this blog. You can expect honest reviews of and the best tips for many countries around the world from a tourist point of view. As that is exactly what I am… a tourist looking for the most beautiful places around the globe. Just like you. So don’t expect travel agency like things, just real life experiences.  Enjoy your visit and drop me a line if you have any questions. Or just to say hello.